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Advance Review: Double Heat (Twin Ties Book 3) by Lynn Kelling


Title: Double Heat (Twin Ties Book#3) by Lynn Kelling

Release Date: August 25th, 2015 through ForbiddenFiction Publishing

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“When Evan and Brennan moved in with their boyfriends, Alek and Luka, they knew things would be complicated, but as their privacy gets eroded, and people around them begin to notice the tangled nature of the four-way relationship, coping becomes a struggle. After Brennan leaves on a brief trip home, and Evan remains behind to enjoy the full attention of both Alek and Luka, the careful balance of things gets thrown off.

Ex-boyfriends surface, haunting Evan and Brennan in similar ways as regret for poor choices threatens their happiness, and the sexual freedom displayed earlier in their lives draws predators willing to use violence, coercion, mind-games and force to take what they want. Though Luka and Alek struggle to protect those they love, it soon becomes clear that the dangers surrounding them will find ways to rush in, trying to take what belongs to them.”


When I sat down to read the third book in the Twin Ties Series I had a certain idea of what I was going to be reading based on what I had read in books 1& 2.  I was a little disappointed at first because it seemed the book was going to be a lot of Evan’s inner monologue, and that monologue was making me dislike Evan. I was seeing him as the perpetual victim and martyr.  But I needed that; I needed to start disliking Evan.  I needed to start getting fed up with his inner monologue, because before I was halfway through the book I had to step away … it was too damn gut wrenching. If you have a soul, it will gut you.

Once I’d had a smoke, cried my tears, and swallowed down the guilt of being so damn harsh on Evan and just not seeing it, I went back and kept reading …

Just when I didn’t think I could take anymore, Kelling shifted the POV back to Brennen, now in Louisiana.  A reprieve, I thought, but I was wrong – because they are twins and whether living in the same house or a thousand miles away, their lives mirror each other.

This book was heartbreaking and devastating.  It was perfect, absolutely perfect.

The Series

I really didn’t appreciate the first two books until I read the third.  I didn’t see where this story was going or how much the vastly different tones of each book spoke to the mindsets of the foursome.  I didn’t see how you could gage where these people were in their lives, minds and relationships by the sex.

My Brother’s Lover introduces us to a practically perfect Brennen, and a closeted, ashamed Evan.  We met Luka and Alek, these broken men clinging to each other as their life line, we learned how they came to be each other’s anchor and lover.  We witnessed the progression from two sets of twins falling in love, not just with their counterpart in the other pair, but their own twin.  We witness the progression from uncertain sexual liaisons to committed partners. We witness some of the hottest sex ever.

Dual Affairs delved deeper into the relationships these four men had, into the relationship with Evan and his father Charlie. We almost lose Evan, more than once. This book introduced us to Evan’s past, almost in the periphery.  We watched the four of them almost destroy themselves from the inside out, with Evan’s issues at the root of it all. We witnessed sex that is desperate and longing.

Double Heat takes an entirely different turn.  It opens with the four men finally living together in their own place, with Evan still placing himself on the outside.  With Brennen about to leave for a weekend back to his hometown, Evan’s a little scared and nervous about being alone with Alek and Luka without Brennen as a buffer. And just when I was getting tired of Evans martyr/victim complex, we get blindsided with the truth and everything for the reader shifts.

This stops being a story about twins and incest and sex, it stops being about the taboo, and starts being about survival and anchoring and love.  Things that Books 1 and Book 2 kept telling us, and book 3 showed us.  The sex between our boys is healing, loving and inclusive.  It’s perfect.

Read his book.  You must read this book.  Get the first two, pre-order book 3.  DO IT!


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